Ralph Freeman Wished For oil on linen 100x90cm

Point in Time

Campden Gallery 2017

It all began in the Autumn of 2015.

That’s when I noticed them falling, twisting down to earth, now grounded, half dry, spread out, turned by wind and the passage of time into ever changing disparate curving forms.

I’m always surprised how something so apparently inconsequential can become a starting point for a new series of works.

During the past two years this initial source has led me to explore variations and possibilities, sometimes obsessively, from drawing and watercolour through to the painting itself. What I want is a sudden appearance of the unexpected or the recognition of a good accident, the forms these take, and, where they lead.

These natural decaying shapes, with their particular enticing colours and connotations of inevitability and change, are still somewhere in there, but mainly at a distance. For now, perhaps unconsciously, or intentionally they are overlaid with other influences, emotions, memories and experiences evoked by landscape, architecture and distant places.

r.f. 05. 2017


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