Another Place to be

Thackeray Gallery 2015

Some three years ago, after 24 years in St Ives, I returned to London. What was left behind, but perhaps still informs my work, were the horizontals of sea, the expanded sky, treeless land of rock and moor.

Now in London, with its busy architecture, breathing parks, street life, unquiet light, these elements of Cornwall are overlaid with rising forms, running curves and the vertical horizons of the city. The land is paved, the waves are of traffic, winds are tamed and the light is quite different.

It’s a fusion of experiences, which has in some way crept into my new work. This generally remains in a constant state of flux, no schemes, no systems, relying only on intent and process, with the desire to make something new, while at the same time continuing a conversation with the past.

My work is as much about time, as it is about form and space because of the time it takes for any potential meaning to configure, or reveal itself.

Ralph Freeman

Each painting holds a universe of possibilities ‘ ... but what is specific, particularly to abstract painting, is that it can stand alone in a precarious state, above and beyond any reference to other visual media or figuration, forcing one to confront painting as painting and painting alone.’  (as paraphrased from F van der Meer and I Mckeever.)


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