Ralph Freeman Unison oil on linen 55x55cm2

A Collection

Sarah Macdonald-Brown
Thackeray Gallery 2013

Introducing Ralph Freeman – an artist whom we have followed and admired for a long time.

For over 25 years, Ralph was based in St Ives, Cornwall where his career as an artist was firmly established, and recognised with a solo exhibition at Tate, St Ives. Alongside his painting, he is also an accomplished jazz musician and composer.

This first exhibition at Thackeray Gallery is made up of a collection of recent and new works from both Ralph’s former St Ives and now current London Studios. When looking at these paintings, the viewer is drawn into a mysterious world: where form may be an object, such as a book, or a building, or maybe the shapes are a sound. Coupled with this, the works all draw a quiet contemplation, a moment to reflect. They hold you in a safe space, allowing you room to find your own interpretation, your own feelings, your own reflection.

We hope you will come and experience this ‘collection’ for yourselves.


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